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Our Story

Better Life Behavioral Services of Central Florida was established in 2011. We are skilled professionals delivering medically necessary Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to kids of all ages. Our ABA services are clinic-based, school-based, and community-based. ABA is a scientifically-based therapy that utilizes the principles of behavior to promote the development of all types of skills and reduce behavioral excesses that hinder learning, development, and relationships with family and peers. It is recognized by the Surgeon General and the CDC as an effective therapy for Autism. The well-kept secret is that the principles of learning can be applied to ALL behavior.

Better Life Behavioral Services provides services that are designed to reduce problem behaviors ranging from aggression to task avoidance. What is crucial is the development of appropriate replacement behaviors as they are vital to our clients’ progress. Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is different from traditional behavioral health therapy. Appointments with traditional therapies (Mental Health Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, etc.) where you may be seen as frequently as every day, every month, every few months, or every year differ from ABA therapy. Applied Behavior Analysis services range from a couple of hours per week to up to 40 hours per week depending on the clients’ needs. Communication and social skills are always a focal point of therapy. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT is what you will see and hear when you walk through our clinic. Your child will know how wonderful they are when they are learning. We employ methods that provide many learning opportunities for skill acquisition. Pushing for skill acquisition will oftentimes lead to problem behavior, but no worries. We will find out why your child engages in problem behavior and design an intervention to reduce those problems. Due to the intensive therapy, you will likely notice changes shortly after starting therapy. Our goal is that your child will not even know they are in therapy.

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