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Job Description:

  • Provide instruction to kids K-12 with special learning and behavioral concerns in classrooms with a low ratio of teacher/student ratio.

  • Create lesson plans.

  • Oversee a tech/paraprofessional in the classroom environment.

  • Provide intervention strategies in the classroom as instructed by a Behavior Analyst.

  • Maintaining positive and collaborative relationships with parents.

  •  Planning field trips

  • Collect data on student acquisition as well as on reduction of excessive behaviors.

  • All other duties as assigned.

A positive and supportive work environment is guaranteed.

Benefits Package: 

Better Life Behavioral Services offers a benefits package, including- 

• Competitive Salary or Hourly Pay

• 401K

• Bonus Opportunities

• Flexible Schedule




A minimum 1 year experience providing instruction to special needs kids in a special education classroom


2  years experience with special needs kids



Bachelors Degree or higher from an accredited university in Exceptional Student Education or Special Education 


Bachelors Degree or higher from an accredited university targeting General Education Students and 2 years experience with kids with special needs


  • Good classroom management skill

  • Ability to be flexible

  • Good communication with parents, students and other co-workers

  • Ability to deal with problem behaviors in the classroom setting

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